Gonzales said she maximized social media to reconnect with her students and co-workers. DEPED PHILIPPINES FACEBOOK PHOTO, “When it comes to exams, it depends on the professor. “I think that online learning might be a solution for some but not for all because we need to be considerate of those who doesn’t have any access from technology or internet,” he said. Mental health was also a discussion during the coronavirus pandemic, because of the uncertainty the virus would bring. This amid uncertainty if their usual academic activities would still be held. There will be a lot of frustrations and rants. Sa school, hindi ko sila masyado nakakausap, pero what I do, I make it a point to catch up with them.”. Now, students can adjust their pace based on how fast or slow they could understand the topic that they are studying,” Lantay explained. Thankfully, her professors were approachable. However, because of the rapid spread of the disease, face-to-face learning is highly unlike, not to mention, deadly. This school year 2020-2021, which kicked-off in October, is undoubtedly different but a remarkable one. Most of the schools in the Philippines, especially those located in rural communities, were taken by surprise by these online classes and remote learning. Online learning environments can be categorized into three central groups, fully web based, blended or hybrid format, and traditional courses using web based supplements. Students told The Times that the online learning format is not that effective. But a friend, a mentor, an ate (sister) can be a big help to them during these times.”. Online learning has shown significant growth over the last decade, as the internet and education combine to provide people with the opportunity to gain new skills. For UST senior high school graduating student Jana, online learning was easy to cope with with for her strand. Fully web based courses are conducted entirely on the Internet with no face to face interaction, all aspects of the course being conducted in an online learning environment. However, she said the learning experience is different in the physical classroom setting. Whereas there are subjects, you can write your essay or edit your infographics offline,” Jana said in English and Filipino.*. CEBU CITY, Philippines — Learning in the “new normal” has begun for students and teachers in private institutions. Distance learning, as it is known to many students, is the online learning and teaching programs offered by world class institutions of learning. Online learning may be advantageous to some as it is a way to maximizethe idea of learning things on their own, beyond modules and the flexibility todo other stuff. The Department of Education (DepEd) announced that classes are set to begin on August 24, but President Rodrigo Duterte said face-to-face classes could not be held until a vaccine for the novel coronavirus is available. Online class is not a new approach in the Philippines. Because of the quarantine measures, schools were asked to hold the remainder of their semester online. In March this year, President Rodrigo Duterte declared Metro Manila and the entire Luzon under enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) because of the coronavirus pandemic. In school, I do not talk to them much, but what I do is, I make it a point to catch up with them.”. But of course, taking online classes is very much new to them. In a virtual launch ceremony, Chinese-based Huawei Technologies Philippines Inc. has announced its partnership with Mapua University, through a scholarship agreement that will help... With face-to-face classes still not allowed, students rely on digital devices and the internet to download learning materials and attend synchronous online classes. Naturally, governments need to find ways to address the continued learning of students amidst the pandemic. Online learning can be conducted in any environment, at any time, as long as there is a computer, an internet connection, and a person willing to learn. PHOTO BY ENRIQUE AGCAOILI. Copyright © The Manila Times – All Rights Reserved. “And I’m still hoping the semester after, I’m hoping we’d be able to have face-to-face classes if the circumstances permit it.”. By continuing to use this website without disabling cookies in your web browser, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. As of 2016 the Philippine population is estimated to … Online Learning: Differences, Advantages, And Disadvantages. Online learning is a form of distance learning that takes place over the internet. It is interchangeable with the term e-learning. “I guess this is the best time to connect with them, and honestly, I have friends who are constantly messaging me and that really helps. There are two types of online teaching and learning: synchronous, which happens in real-time, and asynchronous, which has no interaction but uses online channels. “The new normal is really challenging. Moreover, I need to research and review for other means and strategies how to teach my lessons without using chalk and blackboard,” she noted. Like most of us, I, as a teacher, am living one day at a time, adjusting little by little,” she told The Manila Times. Research conducted by the National Survey of Students’ Engagement indicates that about 11 percent of adult students attending college in a traditional method spend about 25 hours a week studying and being involved in class activities out of the possible 168 hours a week. “Our college applied the asynchronous type of studying where professors give students the handouts or materials through UST Cloud Campus while the students need to study at their own pace,” he said in a private message. “The downside of this learning system is that once the professors send the handout, it is already considered ‘discussed’ even if there is no discussion at all. Duque ‘dropped ball’ in Pfizer negotiations–Lacson, Sotto honors ‘bright stars’ of pandemic as Senate goes on break, House ratifies bicam report on proposed FIST Act, House adjourns session for Christmas break, Technological Institute of the Philippines, Smart, Protect Wildlife fund portable digital classrooms for off-grid communities, Seameo marks 55 years of promoting quality education, IFSU, UPOU train 100 Ifugao Rice Terraces meisters, Mapúa entertainment and multimedia computing students take on international Game Jam+. Big adjustment ito for me, that I need to check my friends and continue the friendship through virtual communication.”, Get the latest news from your inbox for free. If an essay is argumentative, .. “Taking up a course that has a lot of complex subjects, I think when our online classes starts this August, it would be hard for me personally,” she said. However, for Jana, she thinks the use of collaboration tools have been maximized. In the Philippines, the term e-learning is used synonymously with online learning and concerns the online delivery of instructional content as well as associated support services to students. More integration with online technology and digital tools is expected after the pandemic, but some say the country is not widely prepared for such a roll-out. *Answers in Filipino and English have been translated to English for accessibility. “Knowing there’s a person who is listening to them and who is there for them, even in these uncertain times. By MAAN D’ASIS PAMARAN It seems that Christmas is a very significant occasion that is being celebrated on December 25th every year by many people worldwide. It’s pretty hard to focus.)”. Non-formal education addresses the needs of those who are not able to participate in the formal subsystem, most of whom may have dropped out of the formal system due to poverty . But for other sections, they had the typical quiz. “I will be facing and experiencing a lot of new things. User friendly and reliable technology is critical to a successful online program. How to manage online learning and teaching There are two kinds of online learning and teaching that schools will need to balance based on their circumstances: synchronous (happening collaboratively and at the same time with a group of online learners and usually a teacher) and asynchronous (happening at any time, not necessarily in a group, However, there are pros and cons in this format, he noted. For Padilla, despite the new adjustments and frustrations, she hopes to learn more things in the coming school year. As a result, classes from preschool to college were indefinitely suspended. The resumption of K-12 classes is scheduled for Aug. 24 this year, hence the Department of Education’s (DepEd) reserving the entire month of June for registration, and later extending it till July.… If a learner doesn’t find some material understandable enough, the alternatives are available free-of-cost. This leaves us to think of alternatives to education. We’re adapting, but it’s hard.”. But Jana, a University of Santo Tomas senior high school student, said it all depended on the professor and the kind of quiz or exam. Unlike traditional classroom education, students are virtually enrolled in their programs and respective classes online. “Company of friends is what makes studying lighter and since online classes na, we will not get to see each other physically, especially for me na hindi comfort zone ang makipag-communicate through online. It means that professors can give the students all the handouts for the whole term and include all the topics in the examination,” he continued. “When it comes to exams, depende talaga sa professor, so for us, we are lucky enough for our professors have agreed to give us essay-type exams, to give us time to research to think about our exams, pero for other sections, they had the typical quiz. Some would actually mix the methods.

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