Please note every one in line has placed an order already and are picking up paid orders. Terrific spot for sweet treats! Also a standout are the green nata de coco (coconut jelly) and red kaong (sugar palm). The ensaymada is an Americanized version of a Filipino desert. I Highly recommend this spot to anyone wanting to end your night with a sweet treat! ‍♀️ •featured: Ube Mousse Cake Slice ($3.75) •personal fave: Ube Overload Cake (tbh I wouldn’t mind ordering a whole cake of that for myself haha) •other recommendations: classic cheese ensymada or ube mamon for breakfast/snack on the go! I love the filipino inspired idea behind a lot of desserts like halo halo.The price is very reasonable and definitely worth it for its price. The traditional Halo Halo is amazing. Our famous Halo Halo is Always available! This is one of my favorite summertime childhood treats. - See 46 traveler reviews, 40 candid photos, and great deals for Los Angeles, CA, at Tripadvisor. There's a cool red velvet love seat inside with the word "SALAMAT" above it ("Thank you," in Tagalog,) and a good amount of outdoor seating. Nestled inside an H.E.B. The halo-halo dessert at MJ Café is a Filipino concoction made with coconut, jackfruit, sweet beans, banana, palm seed, cantaloupe and ube ice cream. I've had their glazed donut bread pudding and it was great too, however I did prefer the donut ice cream sandwich--the donut was warm and delicious and a great combo with the ice cream. It's simply quite perfect. I have tried their Halo-halo, Ube Bread Pudding, Ube Cheesecake. No service. The halo-halo dessert at MJ Café is a Filipino concoction made with coconut, jackfruit, sweet beans, banana, palm seed, cantaloupe and ube ice cream. If I could give this place 10 stars I would! The Ube ice cream is spot on (2 stars).Not coming back and will not recommend this place. After devouring the restaurant’s killer curried crab, finish dinner with a tall cup of icy halo halo. Tag your cake tasting buddy in the comments below! See what he thinks of this Filipino dessert from Jollibee. *Review #28 of 2020. Some of the standout ingredients for me are the ube halaya which is essentially the main base in making any ube flavored desserts. And the halo halo is the best thing to beat the heat. Quite frankly, the wooden bowls that hold the halo halo at Flip n’ Patties make it easier to “mix mix,” the Tagalog meaning of “halo halo,” than the typical cup. I highly recommend buying a container of ube ice cream to keep at home.I love B Sweet!! Service was excellent! Outside of halo halo, though, there are plenty of Houston dessert spots that are mixing this brightly-colored, slightly-sweet starch into ice cream, milkshakes, and so much more. yummy, crispy and crackling fried pork shoulder. Decadent. House of Grill has the best halo halo. •a great place to try some Filipino flavored desserts and baked goods •happy you have a found a home in the Houston medical center @redribbonusa ,Maraming salamat po! We loved everything we ordered, adobo, pancit, bistek, tinola, lumpia and kiwaling lechon. Halo-halo means “mixed”. opened its dining room . You can never go wrong with the bread pudding in a rotating choice of flavors, I love the banana chocolate. The slutty brownie is similarly indulgent and offered in a large enough portion that it makes sense to savor it over time.The banana bread is fantastic and light--something to pick up to enjoy as an afternoon snack or for breakfast.The halo-halo (Filipino crushed ice dessert) is enormous! With the utmost concern . It's also great to share on a hot day.The halos--donuts filled with ice cream--were what first drew me to B Sweet, but I never get them because I love the bread pudding so much. Lumpia! Overcooked pasta. I've been a happy repeat customer for years. Red Ribbon Bakeshop, owned by the popular Jollibee Foods Corporation, got its start in 1979 in the Philippines. Spaghetti should be savory. On our recent visit, we ordered the Ube Bread pudding topped w/ Vanilla Ice cream, it yet again didn't disappoint! I've tried many, many things on their rotating menu, so I'll review a few of them.#1 all time favorite dessert: Ube bread pudding with pandan drizzle. I recommend ordering the bread pudding with extra pandan drizzle. The ice cream is so smooth and creamy. I definitely will be visiting again soon! ! On our recent trip to Cali (San Diego specifically,) we made it a point to stop by B Sweet during our one and only "LA day." every time, i order halohalo somewhere, i always get that questionable look and of course, "no milk??" And, for dessert we had halo-halo which was delicious! Per website, they've created over 40 different flavors! for the health, wellness, and safety of our . Sometimes there is a bit of a line but it's definitely worth the wait. Jollibee: Halo-Halo - See 74 traveler reviews, 55 candid photos, and great deals for Houston, TX, … Honestly, I've never tasted anything of this texture before. Writing this review on 3/23/2020. They do get a big busy at night but you can order ahead for pickup (they've been doing great with their pick up process for Covid). I love the Cookies and Creme Hot Bread Pudding and the Halo Halo is heavenly! It's much more elaborate than the halo-halo I grew up with, but I really enjoy how over-the-top it is. Halo halo is basically a cold dessert composed of a mix of about a dozen ingredients like fruits and sweet preserves. Halo-halo (Tagalog for "mixed") is the ultimate summertime treat. I barely ate half of the Halo Halo. Submit corrections. I really didn't mix the flavors til I finished eating the ube ice cream and ube jam. Filipino desserts buko pie, halo-halo, and coffee with condensed milk got the team’s attention as well. It's the essence. newsletter, 12 Houston Desserts That Matcha Lovers Need to Try, Where to Sip Chewy, Fruity, Colorful Bubble Tea in Dallas, 20 Excellent Asian Desserts to Try in NYC. Over the past year, ube has emerged as a trendy dessert ingredient that’s popped up in everything from ice cream to pastries. "And the Philippine carabao is the queen of mangoes in the entire world. The vibrant purple yam has long been used as an ingredient in desserts in the Philippines, where it grows natively. For their  bread pudding, they have a handful of flavors each week, and the sizes are:"Being good" - one scoop  $6"Being bad" - two scoops $9Our choices the day we went: Banana chocolate, glazed donut, red velvet, salted caramel, ube, birthday cake, cereal milk, coffee cake, fudge brownie, rum cake.We chose the "Being Good " (one scoop) of ube bread pudding, and added ice cream, and it came topped with Pandan (young coconut) drizzle. Chris and Malo are super sweet and very accommodating. And of course their ice cream donut combo which was the first thing I tried here. I absolutely love their dessert. Ok it's been a hot minute since I've left a review anywhere but this place needed a well deserved virtual high five! I have loved B Sweet for over a year at this point, and I have a hard time going anywhere else for dessert when I'm in Sawtelle. Both times my husband and I came, was just a pure delight! Visit this place if you get the chance! Open daily from 7am - 7pm The origin of halo-halo is said and believed to be traced to the pre-war of the Japanese and the Japanese kakigori class of desserts. (Minus this current Covid situation of course. BTW U can't do walk in's, just phone orders or I believe online. Pretty disappointed, there's a huge difference between good taste and just sweet. Halo Halo. and the guy in the counter said their halo halo doesn't have milk. Halo Halo: Filipino Shave Ice Sundae. It tasted very similar to the Vietnamese version that I had. Halo Halo Cafe is a shop in that specializes filipino food and desserts. Sorry, No Substitutions. Do it!!!! i also decided to try their ube cheesecake. This traditional Filipino dessert is packed with jellies, crushed ice, sweet beans, and jackfruit, then topped off with a piece of creamy flan and a scope of vibrant ube ice cream. The pictures looks very appealing and appetizing, thought I'd better try it it out. It’s topped with a generous amount of shaved ice, and oftentimes a … Their halo halo was just a seasonal thing and only on weekends then? Flan and the generous drizzle of sweetened condensed milk rival one another for the creamiest parts of this classic Filipino concoction, while ube and vanilla ice cream scoops melt among jellies, jack fruit, sweet beans, and shaved ice. Specialties: Halo-halo Filipino Food. Halo-halo which translates to “mix-mix” is the quintessential Philippine dessert and most … Too little meat. Smooth, moist, warm and so flavorful. Ps: I forgot to mention that we also tried their Halo Halo and that was just a cherry on top! "You've got Brazilian mangoes, you've got African mangoes, you've got whatever mangoes," he said. Also, if ube doesn't sound appealing to you, they have several rotating flavors, and you can ask to try two samples when you're ordering (pre-COVID...not sure that that's a thing right now).The ube cheesecake is amazing, but I am not physically capable of eating it in one sitting. Small dessert shop in LA. That was just an explosion of yummy goodness in your mouth! First off, you can find metered parking on the streets. Chinese bakery chain Six Ping’s sweet and savory pastries are as charming as they are delicious. It is served in a tall glass or bowl. I love their Halo Halo, as well as their donut ice cream sandwiches (with ube ice cream)! Will be back soon enough. The infamous halo-halo is an easy crowd-pleaser. I've tried a variety of items including the sluttiest brownie (the best brownie I've ever had), strawberry shortcake, halo halo, but my go-to is still their bread pudding. If you're not a big fan of bread pudding, they also have other classic baked goods options. Growing up Filipino in the Philippines exposed me to the whole spectrum of food the country has to offer. Our version of this classic Filipino dessert has 13 delicious ingredients layered with shaved ice, tropical fruits and jellies, leche flan and condensed milk! On our first visit we ordered the Banana Bread pudding topped with Salted Caramel ice cream. The shaved ice fused into a big block of ice and I couldn't break it down until it melted. It's soooo good! I've tried their Halo Halo, too simple and not enough ingredients. customers and employees, Halo-Halo Kitchen has . We hope that this place thrives and perhaps expand. They have over 40 flavors and only feature 6 of the flavors each week. •would you try this cake? By ABC7. Had the salted caramel and it was heavenly! I love ube ice cream! It's ok the bread pudding the first time taste amazing but the the second and third time taste kinder bad The halo halo is good ( kinder hard to go wrong with this one lol ) The ice cream also good but they r know for their breed pudding and it has been a disappointment second and third time. Sawtelle is a great street with a lot of different eateries but I have to say B Sweet is one of my favorites. Want to chime in. I would like to try the other different desserts that they have to offer! Your guests and their tummies will love you.Foodie friends, add this to your Los Angeles bookmarks now! This colorful layered dessert is called halo-halo . )They create cakes, cookies, pies, brownies, and so many other pastries. Second visit and won't count on third time's a charm. Heads up: From now on, other Yelpers will be able to see how you voted. But the base of the dessert is where the real party happens. So this complex dessert’s name is literally “mix-mix”, because it’s exactly what the diner has to … They do not allow substitutions, so you take it as it comes. They have new limited flavors sometimes. It comes in a very large cup. Also, parking is on the street and a bit limited, so park at the residential areas. Love their version of halo halo.

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