The first two mass-produced mountain bikes were sold in the early 1980s: the Specialized Stumpjumper and Univega Alpina Pro. Strong,   SR Laprade,  Odyssey Aerator (pump),  American Classic, Suntour XC, Tioga carbon, Syncros Pro Post, SR Tall Cool One, Nitto Pearl, Hydra Post, Shimano Deore XT, Delta, Onza Rigor Mortis, Tioga Prestige, Ritchey Force Direction, Upgraded Flex Post, Hite Rite, Ringle seat QR. Cook Bros. First cross-country rims: the Rando M4 and M5 – “hard coat” treated. Tioga Avenger OS, Tioga OS,  Mavic, Ritchey Logic Comp, WTB Grease Guard, American Classic, Chris King, 1", 1 1/8", 1 1/4" sizes, Stronglight Delta, Onza Mongo UFO, Quik-Fil CO2 inflation, Specialized Toe Clips, Specialized nylon cages, Moots Mounts, Bullseye pulleys, Hite Rite, Shimano Shark Fin/Shark Tooth, Lever Skins, Toga padded clothing, Neon colors, Ringle bottle cage, Bontrager straight,  Rock Shox RS-1 suspension, Tange Switchblade, Syncros, Answer Accu Trax,  Manitou Mountain (rigid), Answer Manitou 1 suspension  ( offset axle July),  Sakae FX aluminum, Rebound suspension fork, Action Tec suspension, Ritchey Logic, Specialized Direct Drive, Litespeed Ti, Cannondale EST (rear suspension), Boulder Intrepid AL,  Fisher RS-1 (full suspension), Raleigh Tomac replica,  Schwinn SASS (Buell full suspension), Manitou Full Suspension, Litespeed full suspension, Trek T3C, Rek Tek, Suntour Micro Drive, Grease Guard, Power Flo, 8 speed, Campagnolo Record OR, Icarus, Sachs Rival, Shimano XTR (8 speed, Rapid Fire Plus), Grip Shift SRT300/500 (rubber covers), Campy 8 speed, Mavic "Y" shifters and derailleurs (845 rear, 875 front), Shimano 7 speed Rap, d Fire Plus shifters, Shimano Deore LX, Suntour XC-Ltd., Quantum shifter, Ritchey   Z-Max,  Specialized Ground Control (Gray)/Extreme/Cannibal/Storm Control,   Panaracer Smoke/Dart, Onza Porc II, CyclePro Motivator, Matrix Z-Axis, Project KOM, Tioga Farmer John/Nephew/Cousin, Tioga Mongrel and Hound Dawg, Tioga T-Bone,  Tioga Avenger OS (Prestige) and Tioga OS,  Ritchey Force Comp/Force Direction,  Ringle Zooka,  Ibis Ti, Zoom, Control Tech Control Stem, Fisher Rhino alloy, Litespeed Tuf-Neck, 3ttt Pro-Light, American, Brodie, Fat Feather, Klein Mission Control, Answer ATAC, Girvin Flex Stem/Ti, Onza Spy/Ski Bar ends, SR Power Bulge Ti, Answer Taperlite, Answer Hyperlite,  Control Stix I/II bar ends, Ritchey Pro Lite/Force Direction, Zoom Brahma Bar, Odyssey Stealth, Scott AT4/AT3/AT 4 Pro/AT2 LF/AT1 LF, Litespeed Ti, 3 ttt Pro Light, Nuke Proof Carbon, Tioga DL2001, Tioga Prestige II, Zoom, ODI Tomac Attack, Grab On Mtn. The Vancouver store moves to a space near Granville Island. Cannondale mountain bikes are staples in world championship races and the cycling … o   Grips: ODI Tomac Attack, AME, ODI Mountaineer, Grab On Mtn. The modern day “Mountain Bike” The Motorized Bicycle. 's, Ringle Ti Stix Qr. 1996 Norco signs 17-year-old Ryan Leech to the Norco Factory Team, becoming the first Canadian company to sponsor a trials rider. It was invented by road cyclists as a way of staying fit in the winter. Bestimmte Inhalte von Drittanbietern werden nur angezeigt, wenn "Drittanbieter-Inhalte" aktiviert sind. In the 1940's cyclocross became a sport. In 1977 he created that first frame, which was designed on top of a Schwinn bike from 1941. The history of the bicycle is so fraught with unknowns and confusion that a yearly Bicycle History conference is held in attempt to clarify these details. If you're new to MTB, or a road rider looking for the thrills of hitting the dirt and going off-road, it's handy to know what to look for when it comes to finding the right mountain bike. A Short History of BMX Racing BMX Racing was really where it all got started on BMX bikes. A group of 20 young french cyclists created a sport remarkably similar to modern day mountain biking. The year 1990 brought a further innovative idea leading to a completely new generation of bicycles, the prototype of the modern city bike. Odyssey Renegade, Onza Porcupines, Project KOM, Schwinn Moab, experimental tubular mountain bike tires by Vittoria MTB Ranger for Mavic tubular rims, Wolber tubular tires, Tioga T-Bone,  Tioga Avenger OS (Prestige) and Tioga OS,  Salsa Pro Moto,  Offroad Flex Stem, Ritchey Force Comp, Syncros Cattle Prod, Cooks, Answer ATAC, Ibis LD, Klein Mission Control, Ringle Trail Stem, Tange Prestige II, IRD, Tioga Bulge, Tioga Strong, Salsa, Fat Chance T2, Merlin Ti, Scott AT4, Onza Bold Bar ends, SR Power Bulge, Nuke Proof Carbon, Answer Taperlite, Answer Hyperlite,  True Temper Bulge, Profile XCR add-on, Syncros Steerhorn bar ends, Control Stix bar ends, Ritchey Prestige, ODI Tomac Attack, AME, ODI Mountaineer, Grab On Mtn. Timeline 1817 Baron von Drais invents the Draisine (also known as a Hobby Horse or Swift-Walker), an improved celerifere than can be steered with handlebars. 200 bikes total, Ritchey (approx. In the late ‘70’s and early ‘80’s Gary Fisher along with Joe Breeze, Otis Guy, Tom Ritchey and Charlie Kelly developed the off-road rigs that today we call mountain bikes. This contraption was constructed entirely from wood and lacked pedals, instead requiring users to push off the ground with their feet to move for… 1/2, Odyssey Mohawk, Ritchey True Grip, Jive Handles, Tioga Bio-Grip, Tange HG-4/HG-3(anatomic "Batman" shape), o   Rims: Araya RM 17/20/25,Araya RX-7/7X, VP20, VX400, Sun Mistral C16, Nisi Dart, Matrix Singletrack,  Mavic Oxygen M6 (silver, black, hard anno), Mavic Rando,  Mavic MA2/40 (rolled down by Keith Bontrager), Ritchey Vantage/Comp/Expert/Sport, Uni Disk (nylon cover), Sugino and Tioga Tension Disk, Wolber AT 18/AT 20, Weinmann Concave, Matrix Mt. 1/2,  Ritchey True Grip,  Tioga Bio-Grip, o   Rims: Araya RM 14/17/20, Matrix Aero/Singletrack Comp,  Mavic Oxygen M6 (silver, black, hard anno),   Mavic PSP 231/261, Mavic MA2/MA40 (rolled down road rims), Ritchey Vantage/Comp/Expert/Sport, Uni Disk (nylon cover), Sugino and Tioga Tension Disk, Specialized GX23, Weinmann Bontrager-1, Sun Chinook, Campagnolo Kappa/Thor/Contax, o   Seats: Selle Italia Turbo, Turbo Special and Super Turbo,  Fisher Trail Tail,  Vetta Shock Absorber (VSA), Avocet GelFlex, Specialized Blob, Avocet Racing, Selle Italia Flite, o   Pedals: Shimano Deore XT/Comp,  Shimano Deore/Comp, SR Low fat/Comp,  Shimano Deore XT Clip less, Power Grips straps, Shimano 525 clip less (Sept.), Look ATB MP90 clip less, Grafton Speed Traps, Tioga Sure foot, Shimano Deore DX. 1/2,  Ritchey True Grip,  Tioga Bio-Grip II, Oury, WTB Trail Grip, Onza Porcipaws, Vetta Gel, Answer Aggressor, ODI Attack tape, Yeti, Tange HG4/3 ("Batman"), ODI Toadstool, Araya RM 14/17/20/400,  Mavic PSP M231/M261/M281 (silver, CD or ceramic), Ritchey Vantage/Comp/Expert/Sport, Uni Disk (nylon cover), Sugino and Tioga Tension Disk,  Weinmann Bontrager BCR1/2, Sun Chinook C 12, Campagnolo Thor/Contax, Aero Spoke 6 spoke carbon, Sun Chinook CR16, Selle Italia Turbo and Super Turbo,  Vetta Shock Absorber (VSA)/Gel Turbo/GelFlex, Avocet O2/R30 Gel/Racing I/II, Selle Italia Flite, San Marcos Rolls/Regal, San Marcos Bontrager, Odyssey Svelte, Ritchey Logic, Vetta Lite, WaveFlo, Turbomatic, Shimano Deore XT/Comp,  Shimano Deore/Comp, SR Low fat/Comp,  Shimano Deore XT Clip less, Power Grips straps, Shimano 525 clip less, Look ATB MP90 clip less, Grafton Speed Traps, Tioga Sure foot, Shimano Deore DX, Suntour XC Pro, Dia Compe987/984/986 canti, Scott/Mathauser finned pads,  Suntour/Scott Pederson SE brakes (canti and U), Dia Compe Advantage SS5/SS7 and 290/286 levers,  Magura Hydraulic rim brakes, Shimano Deore/XT II for SLR levers (Power Plate on U brakes), Shimano Deore/XT 2/4 finger with SLR (with or without STI shifters), Grafton Speed Controllers, Ritchey Logic brakes and levers, Mountain Cycles (Answer) Pro-Stop disk, Suntour XC-Ltd/XCE/XCM low profile canti's, Suntour dipped levers, Paul Stop Lights, Grafton Mag Lites, Grafton Re-Entry levers, Boulder canti (became Onza HO), Hope All Terrain disk brake, Critical Racing, Odyssey Straddle Rods, Joe Murray Dewey Bar (brake lever extensions for bar ends), Bell Cyclone/Quest/Spectrum//Image/ V1 Pro,  Specialized Sub 6, Troy Lee, Giro Hammerhead, Vetta Testarossa, Hi-E, Bullseye, Shimano Deore/XT (7 speed Hyperglide cassette, 130mm),  Phil Wood,   Mavic, Mountain Tamer Quad (4th chain ring), Rock Ring, Mavic 637 Crank and BB,  Shimano Deore XT (Silver Super Glide rings),  Suntour XCD 6000, Grafton Speed Sticks, Syncros Ti BB, Ritchey Logic, Sugino XP, Boss Tubular Cro-Mo, Syncros Revolution crank, Cook Bros. and RSR, Cook Quality Products, Tioga Revolver, Mavic 637, SR Laprade,  Fat Feather,  American Classic,  Syncros Pro Post, SR Tall Cool One, Nitto Pearl,  Shimano Deore XT, Delta, Onza Rigor Mortis, Tioga Prestige, Ritchey Logic, Salsa Flip Lock, Hite Rite (Ti), Ringle seat QR., Ringle Moby Post, Tioga Carbon, Control Tech Control Post, IRD, Kingsberry, Suntour XC, Tioga Avenger OS, Tioga OS,  Mavic 315/316/317, Ritchey Logic Comp, WTB Grease Guard, American Classic, Chris King, 1", 1 1/8", 1 1/4" sizes, Stronglight Delta, Onza Mongo/II, Dia Compe Aheadset, Ahead stems and headsets, less neon colors,, anti-chain suck devices, Acerbis derailleur guard, Fox ALPS (adjustable, light weight, progressive, suspension) shock, Flite Nard Gard stem pad, purple stuff (3D Violet), 3rd Eye chain watcher, Shimano Shark Fin, Specialized FS, Rock Shox suspension (Mag 20 1-6 clicker and black brace)/Mag30, Tange Switchblade, Syncros, Answer Accu Trax, Answer Manitou 1 suspension ,  Sakae FX aluminum, Rebound suspension fork, Action Tec suspension, Ritchey Logic, Specialized Direct Drive, Marzocchi XC300, Tange Big Fork, Koski, Mert Lawwill leader, IRD suspension, Huntington Cycles RST 300, Trek suspension by Showa,Marzocchi PF 1/XC100/XC200/XC250/XC300/XC400/XC 500/EGS, Pro Forx,Cannondale Head Shok suspension, Marin (Manitou) full suspension (fork legs in rear), Mountain Cycles San Andreas,  Mongoose (Amp), Trek 9800 (OCLV), Slingshot, Litespeed Ocoee (full suspension), American Beryllium, Raleigh Tomac Signature, Hawk F26, Monolith, Mantis Pro Floater, Mongoose Amplifier, Crosstrac, Fish Lips (with Action Tec front suspension), Legacy 2 wheel drive, Specialized FSR, WTB Phoenix, Grip Shift SRT 500(7/8 speed), Shimano LX/DX/XT/XTR, Suntour XC Pro, Suntour twist shifters, Campagnolo Icarus/Record OR, Campagnolo Bullet shifters, Mavic 845 mountain components, DT, Ritchey Megabite, Mod Quad, Z-max, Onza Porcupine, Panaracer Smoke/Dart, Specialized Cannibal/More Extreme/Cannibal, Klein Death Grip, Tioga Psycho, Joe Murray, IRC Blizzard, IRC Geoclaw, IRC Yeti FRO, Specialized Cannibal/ Ground Control Extreme/ Hardpack II/ Rock Combo, Tioga Hound Dawg/Blood Hound/Mongrel, Trek Z-Axis, Trek Cliffhanger/Cliff Climber, Continental Pro 1/2, Syncros Cattleprod and Cattlehead, Control Tech, Girvin Flex Stem, Ringle Zooka Stem, Zoom, Allsop Softride, Ritchey FD/Comp, GT Flip Flop III, Ibis Ahead, Tioga T-Bone/OS, McMahon Ti, Nitto Ahead, Mountain Goat GOATI Ti, Zoom Ahead, Tioga Alchemy, Trek System 2/4, Wheeler bar/stem combo, Dean Ti, Litespeed, Manitou, Kalloy Uno, Race Face Ti, Answer ATAC, Club Roost I beam, Kore, Syncros Pro/Gorilla, Control Stix Lite II and Team Issue, Zoom Brahma, Bontrager, Kestrel carbon, Ritchey Force/Pro Lite/WCS, Answer Hyperlite, Bontrager bar/stem combo, Klein Mission Control, Trek Sytem2/3/4,  Syncros Super light, Cinelli X/M, Tioga DL-2000/2001, Nitto Alloy, McMahon Ti, Marin Lite, Kona Ti, Tioga Mountaineer, Spectre UL Comp, Boulder Ti bar/stem combo, CODA Competition, Zoom 130, Mountain Goat Granola bar ends, Scott AT 1/2/3 Lite Flite AT 2/3/4 Pro and TX 2/3/4, Dean Ti, Titec Bontrager Ti 118, Tioga DL-2001, Club Roost 1 piece, Nuke Proof, Answer Hyper Ends, ATI, Scott AT-4/AT-4 Pro/Hurricane, Onza Porcipaws, Answer Aggressor, Specialized X23, Ritchey Vantage Comp/Pro/Expert, Mavic 231/234/321, Araya RM 400/TM-18/CV-7/RM-395/RM17/RM20, Ukai Breeze, Sun CR16/M14/Chinook, Bontrager BCX-3/BCX1, Campagnolo Stheno/Mirox, Tioga Disk Drive, Aerospoke, Ritchey, Vetta SL/Lite Gel, Selle Italia Turbo/Flite, Avocet Racing, Specialized Pro Long, Selle Italia Flite Evolution Carbon, Vetta Turbo, Marin Lite, Avocet Ti, Vetta Gel, Spectre Ti, Selle San Marco Pro, Velo Bontrager, Trek System 1/2, Specialized Pro Long, Avocet O2, Odyssey Svelte, Selle San Marco Bontrager Ti/ XO1/C40/Cro Mo, Odyssey Svelte, Suntour MKS clipless, Shimano XT(737)/DX(535) clipless, Look MP-90, Suntour XC Pro/Expert, SR Low Fat/Comp, Tioga Surefoot VI, Shimano Deore XT/DX/LX, Spectre Comp, Grafton Speed Traps, Time Extreme, Speedplay Magnum/Ti, Look Moab/Nevada, Critical Racing (long/short), Dia Compe 987/986, Ritchey Logic, Shimano LX/DX/XT, Suntour XC Pro/Comp/Expert, Cannondale CODA, Pro Stop Disc, Shimano XTR BR-M900, McMahon Power Link, Campagnolo Icarus/Record OR, Avid Tri-Align (long/short), Paul Crosstops/Stoplights/Stoplights MC, Joe's (short/long) Clark-Kent), Piranha Racing Jaws, Odyssey straddle rods, Piranha Racing, Mathauser Hydraulic brakes (ad to the right), Ringle Bubba/Super Bubba, Nuke Proof carbon or Ti/ Bombshell, Pulstar, American Classic Speed hub, Hershey Ti cassette, Mavic 577, Hi E, Zipp Carbon, Hugi, Clark-Kent Ti (freewheel or cassette), TNT Ti hubs, Rock Ring, Grafton, Tioga Revolver, Onza Ti prototype, Magic Motorcycle, Bullseye, Grafton Speed Case bb, Topline, Mountain Tamer, Avid Micro Adaptor, Limbo Spider, Hershey, Syncros Ti/Gorilla, Control Tech, Ringle Moby Post, Zoom, USE and suspension. II/SS-7, o   Brakes: Avid Tri-Align II, Control Tech Canti, Dia Compe VC 900/VC 800/987/980/ 990 U brake, Machine, Tech Zero Flex 2, Rhino tubular arm canti., WCW "The Clamp",  Marinovative Cheap Trick, Onza HO, Paul Crosstop 3/ Stoplight/Stoplight MC, Ritchey Logic/WCS,  Sachs Quarz, SRP, WTB canti and Roller Cam, Shimano Deore XT/XTR(M950) "V" brakes, Deore XT (M737) cantilever, Cane Creek Speed Check disk brake/Tsali hub, Sachs Power Disk, Magura Hydraulic, Curve OM, Curve Jaws, Crystal Design, Rhino Racing, Gravity Research Pipe Dreams, WTB Speedmaster, Gravity Research Rim Crusher, AMP D-1 disk brakes, Sachs Power Disc II, Brew Brew lite Mountain, Control Tech cantilever, Caramba, o   Hubs: Adventure Components apX/Chub, American Classic free hub/OS 19, Cane Creek Tsali, Chris King, CODA (Hugi), DT-Hugi, Machine Tech Hollow Core/Power claw, Nuke Proof Atom Bomb/Bomb Shell, Paul Fhub, Sachs Quarz/Neos, TNT Hard Drive, Tioga Direct Pull, Zipp Composite, White Industries Ti front/Tracker/Ti cassette, WTB New Paradigm/Momentum, Brew Mountain, TNT HDS, Caramba, Nuke Proof Atom Bomb, Rhino Racing, Ultimate Machine, Gila Bike, o   Cranks: CODA 502/701 CNC, Ritchey Logic/Compact, Sachs Quarz/Neos, Sugino Mighty 900/Impel/700 Compacts, Sugino Mighty XP Pro/Fuse 500 standard rings, Deore XT Hyper drive C, Shimano XTR new 4 bolt, White Industries forged compact (Japan), Adventure Components, American Classic Stiff Arm, Caramba double barrel, TNT Extra Light/Hard Drive, Topline compact/standard, White Industries forged, Rhino Forged, Specialized Strong Arm, Sachs Quarz, Cook Bros. RS (Hyper and Standard), Brew Dirt Lickers, Kooka Vader/Low Pro, DH, Profile MTB Billet, TNT HDS/XLS. There was no hip Portland bike building scene where you had an obscenely-long waiting list for your obscenely-priced frame. Lite, SR Shark tooth, Look ATB pedals (plastic, looks like road pedals), WTB Toe Flips, o   Brakes: Advantage 5 lever, Interloc U, Suntour Power Cam XC/XC Sport, Dia Compe 990 U and 952/960/983/982 NGC canti, Scott/Mathauser finned pads,  Scott Pederson SE brakes (canti and U), Dia Compe Advantage 290/183/284/Tech 5 levers, Magura Hydraulic rim brakes, Shimano  new Deore/XT (link wire w/ bolt, lower profile), Shimano Deore XT U brake, Shimano Deore/XT 4 finger levers, Suntour XC9000 combo brake lever/shifter (index or friction), Magura Shorty, Suntour XCD 6000 levers and power cam, o   Helmets: Vetta Corsa/Super Corsa/ Corsa Lite, Avenir Advantage, Pro-Tec Mirage, Giro soft shell, Bell Ovation and V1 Pro, Specialized soft shell, Bell Stratos, o   Hubs: Hi-E, Bullseye, Shimano Deore/XT (6 speed cassette, 126mm), Matrix, Specialized Sealed, Mavic, Phil Wood, Suntour XC/Sport, WTB, o   Cranks: Bullseye, OvalTech, Bio Pace II, Mountain Tamer Quad (4th chain ring), Sugino Cycloid, Rock Ring, Mavic BB, Cook Brothers Crank (dog bone, replaceable spider), Phil Wood BB, o   Seatpost: IRD, Strong, SR Laprade, Suntour XC, Sugino SP-O, Odyssey Aerator (pump), WTB, American Classic, Tioga Carbon, o   Headset: Tange Falcon, Tange G-Master, Shimano 600EX, Tioga Master, Shimano Deore XT (rubber cap), Tange CD, Tange R2000, Tange Levin, Specialized, o   Other: Quik-Fil CO2 inflation, Specialized Toe Clips, Cateye Micro, Specialized nylon cages, Moots Mounts, Bullseye pulleys, Hite Rite, Shimano Shark Fin/Shark Tooth, o   Forks: Bontrager straight, Tange Unicrown, Koski, o   Bikes: Manitou,  Fisher AL-1, Kestrel MXZ, Slingshot, Trimble (redesigned), Off Road Toad, Brave, Pinarello, Giordana, Yeti C26 (carbon), MBA Ultimate by Yeti, Alenax, Panasonic PICS (custom), Litespeed, Mongoose IBOC, Kirk Precision (magnesium cast), Nishiki Alien, o   Components: Browning Automatic Transmission, Shimano Deore II/Deore XT II (7 speed, SIS, 130mm spacing, Hyperglide, Seat post, SLR brakes, Shorty levers, Bio Pace HP, thicker rubber headset seal), Shimano Mountain LX, Exage Mountain/Trail/Country, Suntour XC 9010, XCD 6000( AccuShift, 7 speed, roller cam), XCM/XCE, Campagnolo Euclid (MonoPlanar U brakes, huge brake levers, brake mounted shifters, quick release seat post clamp), DT Competition 2.0/1.8/2.0 spokes, o   Tires: Ritchey Force, Ritchey Duro, Ritchey Mega Bite Hard Drive/Over Drive, Ritchey Quad, Matrix Singletrack, Marin Rock Star, Specialized Ground Control, Specialized Hardpack, Tioga Farmer John/Cousin/Nephew, Fisher FatTrax, Panaracer Ibex, Panaracer Timbuk II, Continental Grand Canyon/Town and Country, Marin Pro Combo, Cycle Pro Mudslinger/Pinnacle, IRC X-1, Michelin Hi-Lite Express, o   Stem: Tioga T-Bone,   Salsa Pro Moto, Odyssey Pro Steer (with cam), Offroad Flex Stem, Specialized forged,   Fisher Rhino, Ritchey Force, Ringle Trail Stem, Grove, Syncros Cattle Prod, Nitto MT-5, Ritchey Force Direction, ABM, IRD Macaroni, o   Bar: Cook Brothers, Tioga Prestige/II, IRD, Tioga Bulge, Salsa Moto, Fat Chance, Fat Chance Ti, Scott AT4, Onza Bold Bar ends, SR Power Bulge, Nuke Proof Carbon, Answer Taperlite, Profile adjustable bull horn, Aerolite Carbon, Acerbis hand guards, Tioga Strong, Fisher Bulge, Ritchey Force Direction, Merlin Ti, WTB drop, Salsa True Temper, Answer Taper Pro, Syncros straight, Renthal Narrow One, Specialized, Fisher Power Bulge, Grove Innovations, Grove Innovations Hammerhead one piece, Odyssey Pro-Steer, Tioga Mountaineer, Fisher Ti, Tioga Carbon, Polycycle Carbon, Aerosport Carbon, o   Grips: ODI Mushroom, AME, ODI Mountaineer, Grab On Mtn.

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